Of Cider and Perry, The Great Lakes Cider & Perry Festival


Great Lakes Cider&Perry Festival

With over a hundred different ciders to choose from, presentations by cider dignitaries, and lots of cidermakers to chat with, the Great Lakes Cider & Perry Festival offers a great time for cider enthusiasts!
Image courtesy of the Great Lakes Cider & Perry Association

On September 10th, Uncle John’s Cider Mill in St. Johns, Mich., opens to the public for the annual Great Lakes Cider & Perry Festival. This is the fourth annual festival, sponsored by the Great Lakes Cider & Perry Association, and every year they try to expand their selection of ciders.

This year the festival offers more than a hundred different ciders from all over the country. Many of the cidermakers will be in attendance, as well. The festival goes from 12 p.m. to 5 p.m.

“I enjoy opening my orchards & grounds to the world’s cidermakers,” says Mike Beck, co-owner and cidermaker of Uncle John’s Cider Mill and treasurer of the Great Lakes Cider & Perry Association. “I want all of us to succeed in creating the New American Cider Culture.”

And to help create a cider culture in the U.S., the Great Lakes Cider & Perry Association has invited cider author Pete Brown and photographer Bill Bradshaw, both from the U.K., to present their international cider knowledge with the VIP festival goers. In addition to the British duo, Dick Dunn, editor of Cider Digest, will be presenting during the VIP hour.

If you go—an hour early (11 a.m.)— as a VIP, you receive, not only regular admission, but also a special cider pour,  the presentations by the U.K. duo and Dunn, and—with all the cider drink and cider talk, it’s important to fill the stomach with something other than alcohol—a Cheese Station of local and international cheeses to pair with the ciders.

Regular admission, which includes a commemorative glass and 10 free tastings, is $15. VIP admission is $25. You can reserve tickets online. Have fun with the ciders!