Cider & Garlic Prawns


Cider & Garlic Prawns

An easy, light summer dish that makes your mouth water even before you eat it… as long as you like seafood.

Written and Photographed by Tess Jewell-Larsen

I’m a big fan of fresh prawns. Luckily here on the coast of Asturias it’s not too hard to find them and they’re fairly economical, too.

Awhile back a friend of mine made garlic prawns for dinner and I fell in love. For some reason prawns always seemed a little daunting to me; they were something I would get in a restaurant, not something I could easily cook at home. But watching her make the prawns I realized how easy it was. Just mix the prawns with olive oil and fresh minced garlic, let them sit for a while and then bake them. Easy.

So I got to thinking, how would prawns taste after marinating in cider for a while? Well I went out and bought a half-kilo (1.1lbs) of prawns and tried out my idea. Delicious.

My nearby fish lady was all sold out of uncooked fresh prawns, so I got pre-cooked prawns. I would assume that if you get the un-cooked prawns the cider would have a better time of soaking into the meat. But as it was they turned out great.

My roommates looked on jealously as I ate my plate of prawns saying how great they smelled. I offered them a couple, but they were already piled high with pasta salad and didn’t try them.

Cider & Garlic Prawns

1/2 Kg (1.1lbs) fresh prawns
1/2 Cup cider
1 Tbsp extra virgin olive oil
2 cloves garlic, minced

Mix prawns with cider, olive oil and garlic in a medium sized bowl.

Cover bowl and let sit for at least 2 hours in the fridge. (If you mix them up around lunch time to eat for dinner that’s perfect. Or leave them over night.)

Heat oven to 300F (150C).

Place prawns in a baking dish. Add a bit of the sauce to the pan.

[If using pre-cooked fresh prawns] Bake prawns until warmed through: about 12 minutes.

[If using uncooked fresh prawns] Bake prawns until they turn pink and you can easily take the head off: about 20-30 minutes.