HardCider International celebrates the different styles of hard cider and the different cultures it comes from around the world.

Our readers are interested in not knowing only about the beverage itself, but also the different communities and traditions that encompass hard cider. HardCider International is an online magazine created to inform and connect readers who are interested in hard cider: the process, the beverage, the food and the cultures that surround it.

The goal of the online magazine is to create excitement, dialogue and community about cider. HardCider International wants to provide the ability for those in the industry to create linkages between each other to help entice growth of the industry.

In the U.S., hard cider is just starting to make a place for itself 78 years after its near demise during Prohibition. In many other countries, such as England, Ireland, France, Argentina and Spain, cider plays a small but dedicated role in the alcoholic beverage spheres. HardCider International creates an environment where people from all over the world can start connecting over cider and trading cultural experiences, traditions and knowledge.


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